Jungle Brothers is Mike G, Afrika Baby Bam, and DJ Sammy B! The first hip hop group that pioneered the Fusion of Jazz, Hip-Hop and House music. The club hit single "I'll House You" is known for being the first hip-house record recorded outside of the Chicago scene. The group's debut album, Straight out the Jungle, marked the beginning of the New York based Native Tongues crew, a collective that also featured groups such as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.
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Oct 6, 2014 hiphopconnection.co.uk​
Jungle Brothers live @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds, 6th October 2014
Mike G and Bam got the crowd hype with a couple of tunes then Sammy B dropped the baseline for the unforgettable track “Straight out the Jungle”. The crowd went wild and all the cameras and mobile phones went red hot as people started to record footage as if they might not see these living legends again. “Beyond this world” and “What u Waiting For” was next and by this time the crowd was in a frenzy. Classic after classic dropped and the Jbeez really seemed to be enjoying themselves. “Ill House You” was next and surprisingly the crowd loved it as I was never a fan as I couldn’t understand how hardcore rappers would rap about house music but that’s another story. Then after a couple more tunes my favourite “Jimbrowski” dropped with everyone singing “the j” , the I, the m, the m, the y, the j, the I, the m, it’s Jimmy… it’s Jimmy”.

After that they called out any bboys in the house but no one took up the offer. Still feel guilty on that one. More dope tracks and heavy baselines and that was it and end to the show and what a show it was!! As The Jungle Brothers walked off the crowd stamped there feet and cheered for more. A really great show for everyone not just the old school. WE LOVE YOU JBEEZ come back soon.

Oct 14, 2014 hitthefloor.com​
Jungle Brothers – Ramsgate Music Hall – 03/10/14 | Live Review
Jungle Brothers‘ DJ Sammy B comes on to the stage to start the set with a couple of classic hip-hop tunes to warm the crowd up, before introducing the masters of the ceremonies – Mike G, and Bam, who come on stage with such a distinct liveliness about them that they would sure as hell give young rappers these days a run for their money. The mood is one of genuinely positive vibes, and what makes this set so special and what truly sets Jungle Brothers apart from most MC’s, is that they can actually rap without a vocal backing track in the monitor! They can rap, they can improvise their freestyles, and they know how to whip up a crowd to a fever pitch.

Performing all classics from ‘Straight Out The Jungle’, ‘Get Down’, to ‘Because I Got It Like That’, and all those in between – and including some proper jungle / drum and bass remixes towards the end of the show, the Jungle Brothers were on fire tonight with a set full of unhinged enthusiasm and love to the point where when the set ends, they ended up hanging out with the crowd and taking as many photos with the fans as possible. May we add this was a sold out show as well!

But what we end up with tonight is somewhat of a celebratory occasion, where a rammed venue full of like minded people came to party with the Jungle Brothers way in to the early hours. The level of showmanship that the Jungle Brothers displayed tonight was nothing short of magical, and this is how a live show, especially hip-hop should be. A community embraced by the love for music, culture, and open-mindedness. Simply put, one of the best shows that Ramsgate has seen in years!

Lisa Maxfield
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